Sunday, October 10, 2010

It Begins!?

-Ian- Well, here we are 3 weeks in. I didn't think I had it in me to do this, but we have.

So, for those of you without priar knowledge of EoA. I think I shall explain a bit. Within the Lego (R) universe resides an obscure little theme known as the 23rd Century Universe. There the CoP and The UnE wage an unending war of persecution. EoA hopes to explain the rich history of the CoP as a graphic novel. The entire history shall hopefully be covered.

But, honestly a graphic novel spanning tens of thousands of years would be downright silly. So, instead each section of the grand story will be told through smaller stories. This way you don't have to read all the way from the begining to enjoy what is happening now.

As for updates. Each page is meticulously edited together with a mixture of origonal artwork and Google images. However, we have included, at great personal expence. All 100% origonal story (we hope). All and all, we do try our best to stick to a timetable but don't go arranging birthdays around what we say.

Without further addo. We give you Prologue! In all it's glory!